Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is there early drop off or late pick-up? While our camp runs from 9AM-4PM, we welcome children as early as 8:30AM & care for your child as late as 5PM for an additional fee of $25 per week.  

​2) What if my child has special needs?  We welcome all children & would be happy to discuss a plan specific to your child’s success at our camp.  Contact the camp director to discuss.  

3) What if my child has food allergies?  The camp will be PEANUT FREE.  Contact us in advance & note your child’s allergy on the registration form.  We will notify the kitchen staff to insure a safe environment for your child.
4) Do I send a lunch with my child?  YES.  The Rendezvous food team prepares 2 nutritious, balanced snacks every day, but we do not provide lunch.  You will be responsible for providing a lunch each day for your child. We eat lunch at 12PM each day.    

5) Can I register my child the first day of camp? Yes, but space is limited.  Therefore, we encourage you to reserve your space in advance. 

6) How much is the camp? Most of our camps are FREE, thanks to generous donations, & includes camp materials, 2 daily snacks, & T-shirt.  

7) Who are the camp leaders? Safety is our primary concern.  Therefore, all leaders are at least 18 years of age (most, however, are other parents). Some jr. leaders (below age 18) will assist the adult leaders.  Our excellent  adult to student ratio far exceeds the Ontario minimum.  

8) Who do I contact in case of an emergency or have additional questions?  The camp director at 647.229.9447.

What Exactly is a Spark?

A Spark is a Choice to move from inaction to Action

in a specific area of your life.  Sparks are social experiences where a couple of leaders get together with 10 to 15 friends they’ve invited for a period of 5 weeks to answer one question: “What’s one challenge I can take this week that will either make my world a better place or myself a better person?”  

While the impact of these challenges can be extraordinary, the true value of Sparks comes not from what you’re doing, but what happens while you’re doing them.  

At the end of the day, Sparks are a kind of workout, where instead of working out your physical body, you’ll be working out the more profound aspects of who you are: your will, your imagination, and your capacity to impact the lives of others.  

So we invite you to spark good with us, to dive deeper into the values of self challenge, generosity, community, progress, and even failure. In the end, we hope you and the people in your lives, will begin living more profound lives of self initiative, friendship and compassion.  

We hold weekly SparkGood Groups for adults & Summer Camps for children.